FEIG Joins the American Public Transportation Association

Contactless Payment System


FEIG Electronics is proud to announce its acceptance as a member of the American Public Transportation Association. With this new membership, FEIG joins the ranks of other leading organizations that work to advance and improve bus, commuter rail, subway, light rail and other public transportation systems in the U.S. These organizations include government agencies, state departments of transportation, trade publications, metropolitan planning organizations, academic institutions, and companies involved in bus and rail services all over the world. APTA members strive to ensure that public transit is accessible and available for everyone in the U.S.

FEIG’s contributions to APTA will largely revolve around its cutting-edge advancements in payment technology. FEIG is a leader in developing systems that speed up and optimize fare collection for transit agencies, allowing for more efficient operations and vastly improved customer service and convenience. Their cVEND platform can be integrated into existing payment systems to allow for the collection of the latest NFC payments and security standards. These systems help transit authorities save time and money by eliminating the need to produce and distribute coins, tokens or paper tickets.

cVEND Allows Transit Agencies to Easily Upgrade Payment Systems

A problem that many transit agencies currently face involves upgrading their outdated, less efficient payment and ticketing systems to accept contactless payments and NFC-based wallet systems such as Apple Pay. FEIG’s cVEND system accepts all forms of modern tap & go payment standards and can be implemented without requiring a transit authority to replace or significantly overhaul all of their payment terminals.

cVEND’s fast transaction times allow for the most efficient passenger boarding possible. Also, the hardware is rugged enough to withstand the vibration typical in bus deployments, while the software makes use of the latest security technologies to ensure payments are safe and valid.

FEIG Electronics looks forward to joining with other American Public Transportation Association members to bring all of the benefits of its contactless payment systems to transit agencies throughout the country.