Showcasing the Best New Products from FEIG

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Best New Product form FEIG ELECTRONICS

Every year, RFID Journal LIVE! hosts over 200 companies from across the globe to showcase some of the world’s top companies and innovators in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This year FEIG Electronics is sharing some of the most innovative products in RFID technology and beyond. Here are some of the best new products from FEIG:

HyWEAR compact – Finalist as Best New Product

Scanning barcodes is important for retail companies to track their inventory. However, scanning each item manually with a scanner can take up time. However, the HyWEAR compact is set to reduce these times. Instead of using two hands to operate one conventional scanner, FEIG’s HyWEAR compact provides the freedom of movement your employees need to quickly and comfortably scan barcodes and RFID. This wearable hybrid RFID and barcode reader’s wireless platform leverages Wi-Fi or Bluetooth™ technology to transfer scanned data to a computer or iWatch.

Robust UHF Antenna

Being able to read vehicles through tolling or gated access systems requires equipment that can withstand the elements. The issue with many UHF antennas is that they lack the durability to withstand harsh conditions over time. That’s why FEIG designed its robust UHF antenna. This industrial antenna is equipped to handle harsh conditions and outdoor environments thanks to its die-cast aluminum housing. The housing is rugged and features the highest level of impact rating to ensure it withstands the elements. It’s also convenient to operate thanks to its compatibility with all RAIN RFID readers.

Compact UHF Readers

Being able to identify vehicle tags conspicuously is important for ensuring unauthorized vehicles do not attempt to bypass a reader. It’s also vital that UHF readers can handle being outdoors in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures. FEIG’s compact UHF reader makes this possible and an ideal option for access control and vehicle identification. With its long-range reader, compact design and integrated antenna, this UHF reader is made to handle rugged outdoor environments. It also features a Stop/Go signal light that makes it easy for drivers of authorized vehicles know when to enter your facility’s gates.

UHF Directional Antenna

Capturing tag data is becoming easier thanks to directional antennas. FEIG’s UHF directional antenna makes capturing this data simple and convenient since both the antenna and reader are housed in a single unit. This directional antenna also easily mounts to your ceiling or wall and can read tag data from various directions. That means you can count on this UHF directional antenna to not only track inventory or badges wirelessly, but know where they are moving in the building.

Final Thoughts

With all the innovative RFID readers and technology RFID Journal LIVE! brings, it’s an event you don’t want to miss if you want to use the latest technology to enhance your business operations. Stop by and see FEIG ELECTRONICS at booth #629 at RFID Journal LIVE! on April 2nd to 4th in Phoenix, Arizona and witness these great new products in action.