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Intelligent Table Management for Casino Table Game Operators

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Josh Hoyt, consultant of Gear Head Associates and Klaus Schoeke, Vice President of Technical Sales and Support for FEIG Electronics will present how Fortiss is using the latest Intelligent Table Management to provide high-fidelity data from smart chip tracking to player’s analytics for several casinos in California.

Klaus from FEIG will explain how the latest HF RFID , ISO 18000-3 Mode 3 technology standard has enabled the Holy Grail to perform in dense environments and handles anti-collision, multiplexing and match bets to players. Find out how to optimize your Casino Table Operations and increase security right before the Global Gaming Show!

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LOOKING FOR THE HOLY GRAIL? Casino Table Game Operators Get Intelligent Table Management Equivalent to Slot Machines

Klaus Schoeke | Executive VP FEIG Electronics

Klaus Schoeke

Vice President of Technical Sales and Support

FEIG Electronics

Josh Hoyt

CTO of Holy Grail Technologies

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