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The Roadmap to Open Payment Systems: How TriMet Is Staying Ahead of the Curve with its Next Gen Contactless Fare Collection

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Recorded Dec 8th 2016

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Discover how TriMet is staying ahead of the curve with its next generation contactless fare collection. Gain vital insights from Chris Tucker, Director, Revenue Operations at TriMet on the deployment of Hop Fastpass electronic fare system. Learn how it migrated from existing systems, solved security considerations and decreased actual transaction times.

Chris Tucker

Director of Revenue Operations at Trimet

Leading the roll-out of the TriMet Hop Fastpass™ electronic fare system arriving in 2017. Fastpass works with a fare card, smartphones or credit/debit card.

Klaus Schoeke

VP of Technical Sales and Support at FEIG

An expert in RFID, contactless payment technology, fare payment security requirements and transit fare collection systems.

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