Product Announcements

Mobile HF High Performance Reader

The new Mobile Reader ID PRH200-BW boasts an upgraded, up-to-date Wi-Fi module (2.4 GHz & new 5 GHz), a new Bluetooth LE (BLE) V5.0 interface, and a highly secure WPA Enterprise interface.

Pad Reader With USB Interface

A compact RFID device designed for contactless data exchange with HF transponders. It provides USB connectivity for laptops or desktop PCs and is ideal for libraries and offices to track books and identify items on loan.

Pad Antenna
ID ANT240/180

Designed as a flat and compact antenna for contactless data exchange with common RFID transponders and convinces with optimal reading performance and elegant design.

Shielded Pad Antenna
ID ANTS240/180

A flat, shielded RFID antenna for contactless data exchange with HF transponders, ideal even on metallic substrates.

HF Long Range Reader
ID LR5400

High performance reader provides the best sensitivity, stable reading and writing performance, best read range and multiple antenna configurations.

RFID Hybrid Module

A 5 cm x 5 cm small RFID reader that supports contactless smart cards and transponders according to ISO / IEC 14443 A/B, ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3M3.

HF 5 Channel Multiplexer

Enable almost loss-free and fast switching between RFID antennas with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz.

UHF Flat-panel Antenna

UHF Flat-panel Antenna
ID ANT.U280/210

Ultra-flat and ultra-strong - with a reading range of up to 4 m, all paths are open.

UHF Mid Range Antenna

UHF Mid Range Antenna
ID ANT.U150/150

The robust and compact antenna cuts a fine figure in any environmental condition.

UHF Near Field Antenna

UHF Near Field Antenna
ID ANT.U82/82

Cost-effective UHF antenna with a very compact design and a clearly defined reading field.