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Accelerated Processes at Toll Plazas

Increase the reliability of your toll plazas - with maximum convenience for users. To optimize throughput at tolling systems, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of barrier control units, loop detectors, RFID readers and contactless payment terminals. At free flow tolling stations, powerful UHF RFID reader systems ensure reliable detection and billing.

Error-free Identification on Free Flow Tolling Systems
Thanks to Powerful UHF Components

Free flow tolling is popular because vehicles can pass through the gantry at high speed and do not affect the flow of traffic. The operating costs are also significantly lower. Both flexible pricing systems and bonus programmes can be implemented. UHF long-range readers from FEIG ensure error-free identification of road users thanks to their long reading range. They support the UCODE DNA, a transponder whose security functions detect and block cloned transponders, effectively preventing fraud.

Reduced Waiting Time at Toll Plazas Thanks to
Contactless Payment Terminals

The payment process takes up most of the time at toll plazas. Contactless payment shortens the process, increases vehicle throughput and improves customer experience. The contactless cVEND terminals support standard credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets such as ApplePay and GooglePay, as well as “closed loop tickets”. The Linux based cVEND operating system is capable to operate up to eight independent applications. So everyone can pay using their preferred payment option.

Maximum Security Thanks to
Encrypted Data Transmission

To ensure that all data is secure at all times and protected from fraud and misuse, we use the latest encryption standards. RFID readers and transponders verify their authenticity by means of permanent cryptographic authentication. The LRU1002 UHF Long Range Reader and other FEIG readers support these ISO 29167-approved secure transponders (e.g. the UCODE DNA from NXP). All cVEND terminals are also EMVCo- and PCI-certified, and have a high level of security in both closed-loop and open-loop applications.


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