Contactless Payment System

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Easy to Integrate, Comfortable to Use, Flexible in Use

The cVEND terminal family facilitates cashless payments with various types of cards in almost every situation. Contactless debit and credit cards, closed-loop cards and mobile NFC wallets are supported and their acceptance continuously maintained.

Public Transport

• Onboarding Units
• Validators
• Ticketing Vending Machines
• Turnstiles


• Off-street Parking
• Parking Faciilities
• On-street Parking
• Barrier Systems


• Public Vending
• OCS | Table-top Coffee Machines
• Vending Machines
• Water Dispensers
Cigarette Machines

Urban Mobility

• EV Charging
• Rental bikes

Gas Stations

• 'Pay-at-the-pump'
• Fuel dispensers
• Car Wash
• Self service vaccum cleaner

Other Market Segments

Kiddie Rides
Ski Lifts


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