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RFID Contactless Vehicle Access With PoE and Offline Management Improves Reliability and Security For Gated Communities And Parking

Modern RFID vehicle access systems are providing new opportunities to satisfy customer expectations and business goals. They offer safety, efficiency and reliability by providing continual secure access control, even during a power outage.

Is your Vehicle Access System an Asset or a Liability?

Vehicle access systems need to increase security, protect parking availability, and collect data. When that doesn’t happen, your asset becomes a liability. RFID vehicle access systems from FEIG make parking access into an asset.

How to Maintain Vehicle Access Data Collection During Power Failures

Durable FEIG components give the solution offline management and Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling continuous data collection. Paired with backup power, physical gate operation continues, even during a power outage.

Which Vehicle Access Control Technology is Best?

There are pros and cons to all vehicle access solutions. What doesn’t change is what you need the system to do. Every modern parking access control system needs to be fast, reliable, secure and durable.

Skyscrapers In Moscow Streamline Parking Access With Secure UCODE DNA RFID Tags

ISBC Group deployed the UCODE DNA RFID security and parking contactless identification solution from FEIG ELECTRONIC and NXP Semiconductors in the Moscow International Business Center, known as Moscow-City, one of the world’s largest business district projects.

Real Time Monitoring Of High-speed Bottle and Can Filling Lines Maximizes Production, Increases Yield, Reduces Rework, and Avoids Product Waste

This white paper describes the benefit of monitoring highspeed production can and bottle filling lines in real time using Radio Frequency Identification.

Improving Efficiency, Responsiveness and Patient Care with RFID Location Based Patient Tracking at SunnyBrook Health Sciences Center

In order to improve efficiency, patient satisfaction and responsiveness to patients’ families, Sunnybrook installed an RFID system to provide location based tracking of patients’ progress in and out of 19 operating rooms in the OR department.

Smart Ordering Solution for Stock Management

In today’s fast-paced world, ordering goods and production materials can be extremely challenging. Even with smart phones and ecommerce systems, stock management involves a great deal of time and money, and mistakes in the ordering process are all too common.

Casino Table Game Operators Get Intelligent Table Management Equivalent to Slot Machines

The intelligent table management solution provides casino operators the ability to accurately measure the number of hands played and the outcome of the games, actual bets placed and tie it to the “house edge” unique for each bet type.

Automated Vehicle Identification for Tolling and Parking: RFID vs ANPR

This white paper compares the attributes of two AVI (automated vehicle identification) technologies available in the market today and recommends the most secure and cost-effective solution for automatic vehicle identification.

RFID in Healthcare

RFID technology application in medical and healthcare circles is nothing new. It could almost be perceived as ubiquitous if one only considers RFID capability as a data carrier comparable to a bar code.