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RFID in Medical Devices

Intelligent RFID Solutions for Healthcare Applications

Simplify your inventory management and inventory tracking in clinics, labs, care facilities and doctors’ practices with RFID systems. Mobile and stationary RFID readers help improve patient care and safety by allowing you to identify medical devices, monitor reagent consumption and optimize inventory management.

Efficient Inventory Management Thanks to
RFID-based Inventory Systems

RFID enables the implementation of precise tracking solutions for medical devices and individual processes within the scope of medical treatment. This relieves clinics and laboratories of numerous administrative and testing tasks. RFID-based inventory systems monitor current stocks, such as medicine and reagents, blood and plasma bags, surgical instruments and textiles. Mid-range or long-range readers, multiplexers and, in many cases, customized antennas are installed in cabinets and shelves that can be secured via RFID access control systems.

High Levels of Patient Safety
Due to 100% Treatment Tracking

RFID systems optimize the entire process chain, from identifying patients and monitoring treatment status to integrate warning systems. This means that every patient receives the best possible care, while minimizing expense. This starts with 100% assignment of patient records and ends with monitoring of treatment: RFID-monitored treatment steps provide information about existing bottlenecks and enable optimal allocation of available personnel and material capacities.

Identification of Medical Devices
with UDI-compliant Technology

RFID solutions ensure easy compliance with unique device identification (UDI) regulations and security or audit requirements. They also enable medical devices to be tracked for location, status and use. The availability of medical equipment is central to optimal patient safety and care. High-performance RFID systems can be used for purposes such as optimizing logistical processes such as bed logistics, thereby improving the way hospitals are run.

Secure Monitoring of Consumables
Via Central Database Queries

RFID solutions can be used to inventory consumables and monitor reagents’ expiration dates. Medical devices often consist of individual components that must be clean and compatible with each other in order to prevent faulty functioning. An RFID reader installed in the medical device can detect consumables via tags and sound an alarm if the incorrect materials are used. Reagents can also be automatically monitored for maximum safety during treatment by having the system send a warning shortly before the expiration date.


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