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Maximum Efficiency & Reliability for Your Order Picking

Less work and greater cost efficiency: the hybrid barcode and RFID HyWEAR compact wearable series and other mobile solutions significantly simplifies logistical processes. Picking and sequencing goods is faster, safer and more convenient for warehouse staff with FEIG.

High Efficiency Thanks to Minimized Handling

Working with both hands speeds up and simplifies picking processes. The HyWEAR compact wearable can save up to four seconds per item. There is no need for the usual manual operations required for conventional scanners (e.g. picking up the device, performing the scan and putting it back again). Where wearables are not feasible, handhelds like the ECCO+ or SCANNDYbasic make reading barcodes or RFID tags simpler and more intuitive.

Pick Anywhere Thanks to WLAN and Bluetooth

FEIG products can be flexibly and easily networked with existing infrastructures using modern communication interfaces such as Bluetooth and WiFi. It is also possible to connect several devices within a wireless cell directly to the ethernet via WiFi. The integrated WiFi roaming in the HyWEAR compact allows you to switch radio cells without having to login again. Connection to the new WiFi access node is automatic and will not be noticed by staff.

Greater Flexibility Thanks to Hybrid RFID and Barcode Reading

Those who work in warehouses where both barcode and RFID systems are used can eliminate the need for a device with FEIG. With the mobile hybrid devices, switching between systems is not complicated, simplifies workflows and ensures greater flexibility and greater efficiency.

A Wide Range of Applications Thanks to Mobile and Stationary Solutions

Mobile devices from FEIG can be used in many areas for picking goods at picking stations or packing tables. UHF solutions also offer automated bulk detection without manual scanning, thereby documenting every product on the packing table at once. The high detection speed provides additional advantages for efficiency. The bulk process also reduces the error rate.


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