Baggage Tracking

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Seamless Baggage Tracking with Powerful Barcode and RFID Systems

Passengers expect airlines and airports to provide seamless baggage tracking. Flexible RFID and barcode solutions enable easy and secure tracking. These reliable tracking systems prevent baggage loss and mishandling, thereby ensuring highly efficient air traffic processes.

Complete Baggage Tracking

RFID and barcode solutions provide the technological foundation for secure and seamless baggage tracking in accordance with IATA Resolution 753. Whether during check-in, loading onto an aircraft or transfer to connecting flights, RFID systems make it possible to see at any time which stations the baggage has passed through and when. Tracking data can also be passed on to passengers, providing greater transparency and an improved travel experience.

Profitable Processes Due to High Reliability

0.6% of all luggage is lost. Every year, 26 million bags and suitcases end up having to be found and delivered to their owners – a major cost factor for airlines. With 99.9% tracking accuracy and the ability to encode additional information on the tag, lost luggage can be located quickly and cost-effectively via RFID. In short, improved customer experience and greater operational efficiency increase profitability.

Easy Migration From Barcode to RFID
with Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid readers make the transition from a barcode system to modern RFID tracking possible without having to make changes to the infrastructure, processes or IT. The ECCO+ and HyWEAR compact ensure rapid scanning and coding during baggage handling in sorting and loading areas. Cost-effective integration and a high degree of operational flexibility with RFID tags and barcodes make mobile hybrid devices a particularly efficient solution.

Cost-efficient Automation Thanks to
Stationary RFID Solutions

Stationary readers integrate seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and enable the automated scanning of baggage at any point in the baggage handling process. The RFID system independently handles all tracking tasks and data handling. Whether gate antenna, mid-range or long-range readers, our portfolio offers the ideal solution for every baggage tracking application. The result is reliable baggage tracking with maximum cost efficiency.


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