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Safety Considerations for Embedding
RFID in Medical Devices

Webinar Overview

Although many medical companies have adopted RFID technology there are still obstacles. For example, some in the industry are concerned that electromagnetic emissions from RFID could interfere with medical devices. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain testing insights for complying with ISO 60601 standards for embedding RFID into medical devices. Learn how FEIG ELECTRONICS has helped solved some of the RF testing and safety considerations for applications with RF enabled medical devices.

Participants will learn:

  • How medical device companies test and address safety considerations for embedding RF in medical devices
  • Find out the performance and regulatory hoops to jump through to reach compliance
  • Understand RFID benefits in medical applications
  • Explore the future of RFID application in healthcare

RFID in Healthcare: Technology Meets Stringent Safety Regulations for use in Medical Devices

RFID technology is used in a majority of industries today and not new in the medical and healthcare circles. What is new about RFID is the innovative uses, expanded features and capabilities, lowered costs and rich data streams.


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