5 Resources to Get RFID Tracking Software Development on Track

Asset Tracking

Adoption of RFID technology has spread across a wide range of industries because it provides a reliable, efficient, and easy to use method to track assets throughout their lifetime. Applications for RFID tracking are nearly limitless, and as such, there are a multitude of different configurations and operating systems preferred by RFID reader users.

FEIG Electronics and its global partners provide state-of-the-art RFID technology solutions for diverse applications ranging from access control to healthcare to supply chain management – and everything in between.

In order to provide customers the greatest possible choice in operating systems for RFID readers, FEIG has a universal application programming interface (API) for all its readers. Furthermore, FEIG offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) for each of the five major operating systems: WinCE, Java, Linux, .NET and Mac OS X.

With the help of these SDKs, software developers can easily customize applications to use with any of FEIG’s OBID® HF/UHF readers that have an Ethernet or USB interface. This customization enables users to get the maximum benefit from the entire family of OBID® readers, which were developed to meet or exceed RFID industry standards in close collaboration with every leading manufacturer of transponder chips.

FEIG Electronics, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of RFID reader systems, is the only supplier offering both readers and antennas for all three frequency ranges with passive transponder technology: low frequency (30-500 KHz), high frequency (13.56 MHz) and ultra-high frequency (860-960 MHz).