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FEIG MASS Group Contentimonial

By collaborating with FEIG Electronics, MASS Group is revolutionizing manufacturing and warehouse operations

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For over 20 years, Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc., DBA MASS Group, Inc., has served customers in both the commercial and public sectors with its innovative, cloud-based software. Their flagship product, Traceability Made Easy® (TME®), provides customers with a comprehensive suite of software to track, monitor, and maintain assets and machinery. Built on a […]

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Improving Manufacturing & Warehouse Operations with Complete RFID Asset Tracking Solutions from FEIG Electronics & MASS Group

Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics , integration , Logistics , News , partnership , RFID , Solutions

FEIG Electronics, Inc., an innovative leader in intelligent electronic system solutions, continually strives for improvement and ease of implementation. This desire has led to the development of partnerships that broaden RFID adoption and inspire new products and services. Today on The Identify Podcast, host Justin Starbird sits down with Felipe Pulgarin, Key Account Manager for […]

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RFID in Logistics

The Growing Adoption & Benefits of RFID Technology & Solutions in Supply Chain & Logistics with FEIG Electronics

Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics , Logistics , News , RFID

The Identify Podcast, hosted by Justin Starbird and powered by FEIG Electronics, takes a deeper dive into RFID and the industries it benefits, interviewing experts from FEIG Electronics as well as trusted partners and integrators on topics related to RFID technology, trends, and innovation in this fast-moving space. In this episode, “The Development and Benefits […]

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Inyxa Podcast

A Partnership Built to Solve Modern-Day Supply Chain Management Problems

Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics , Logistics , News , partnership , Podcast , RFID

Have you ever wondered how our partnerships get started or how the integration process works? Inyxa, a global leader in business and consulting focused on transforming the supply chain industry, partners with FEIG using RFID to build solutions for material handling and managing the movement of material.  Listen as Felipe Pulgarin, Key Account Manager at […]

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The Development and Benefits of RFID in Logistics

Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics , Logistics , Podcast , RFID , Transit

Better understanding, more intelligent use, and greater affordability have led to the broader adoption of RFID technology and solutions today. And, with more popular usage comes additional data that helps create actionable decisions in real time. Listen as Jason Warschauer, Director of Technical Solutions at FEIG Electronics, discusses how RFID overcame a rocky start and […]

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FEIG Electronics is proud to partner with MASS Group, Inc. on Traceablity Made Easy®.

Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics , integration , News , partnership , RFID

FEIG Electronics is proud to partner with MASS Group, Inc. on Traceablity Made Easy®. Traceability Made Easy® is a software solution powered by RFID technology that has many capabilities, including but not limited to manufacturing and asset tracking and inventory and container tracking. This software integration with our RFID hardware provides tracking and visibility in […]

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How to determine what my RFID needs are?

Access Control , Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics , Healthcare , Logistics , Podcast , RFID , Road Tolling

VP of Technical Sales at Feig Electronics, Klaus Shoeke, joins host Justin Starbird for Episode 2 of the Identify Podcast. On todays episode, Klause walks through the best ways of identifying what technology meets your customer request. Identify Podcast · How to determine what my RFID needs are? On Episode 2, Klaus shares some of […]

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Is UHF replacing HF?

Access Control , Asset Tracking , Podcast , RFID

Klaus Schoeke joins host Justin Starbird on the first Episode of The Identify Podcast. As the Vice President of Technical Sakes for Feig Electronics, Klaus is more of a consultant than a sales representative. Identify Podcast · Is UHF replacing HF? Klaus and Justin talk through the controversial topic of Ultra High Frequency devices replacing […]

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Smart Ordering Solution using Barcode + RFID Readers for Warehouse and Logistics

Why Applications Cannot Match the Smart Order Solution™ for Stock Management

Asset Tracking , Logistics , RFID

If you’re in the business of supplying consumable goods, you are likely intimately familiar with the trials and tribulations of manual stock ordering. As your primary interaction with your customers, the ordering process is critical for inspiring loyalty and securing repeat business. Yet, it is often hindered by matters as simple as miscommunication and human […]

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Advanced Real-time Monitoring RFID Technology Applied to High-Speed Can and Bottle Filling Lines

How RFID Tracking Fixes Automated Filling Machines’ Greatest Inefficiency

Asset Tracking , Logistics , RFID

With non-alcoholic beverages alone surpassing one trillion in sales worldwide as of 2019, the global beverage industry is truly enormous. With a steady 3-4% expansion rate, constantly growing to meet consumer demands. Within this monolith, beverage containers form a subset of their own, valued at around $250 billion and expanding consistently alongside the market. These […]

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