Beyond the security door: RFID technology for access control and security

Access Control

While the use of RFID readers has become commonplace for securing building entry across a wide range of industries, RFID technology is not just for door control any more. Physical security needs are constantly changing and RFID tags and readers have evolved to meet those needs in a range of access control applications.

The versatility of RFID enables tailored solutions for security professionals who need accurate and secure transmissions at both high speeds and long-range reading distances. For example, RFID readers operating at high frequency (HF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) can be blended in one solution, such as the OBID i-scan UHF. In addition, RFID readers compatible with mobile phones deliver near-field communications (NFC) that are ideal for secure, smart payment transactions.

These types of blended solutions not only offer versatility, they also can help streamline costs, reduce liabilities, and speed up return on investment. The full capabilities of today’s RFID technologies, which can use UHF, HF and legacy (LF) frequencies, opens the door to a wide range of new access control applications.

Innovative access control applications for personnel entry include integrated asset tracking in employee IDs, rapid and automatic long-range ID card reading, and reliable timed attendance. In addition, RFID readers can be configured in stand-alone, automated vehicle access control systems for cars and trucks. Readers can be configured to trigger entry gates to open and close, prevent entry to private parking lots, or process automated payments in public lots, among other applications.

FEIG Electronics offers 28 different reader model configurations supporting HF (ISO14443) and NFC applications. Which access control system best meets your needs?