FEIG’s Cool Demos at RFID Journal LIVE! 2014

Asset Tracking

FEIG Electronics had a good showing at the RFID Journal Live 2014. FEIG announced the release of the OBID i-scan® Blade Handheld Reader, the first compact mobile hand held device with a high performance antenna and a RF-power of 4W in boost mode. The OBID i-scan® Blade will dramatically improve library adoption of RFID with it’s light weight design, modern Wi-Fi interface and user operation time of 16 hours with a single battery pack. Finally, librarians will have a comfortable reader that fits to their hands and reads the entire shelf with one pass.

Here’s an example of the demo that was featured for the “Coolest Demo Contest”

Think HF RFID technology is too slow? Check out FEIG’s Casino demo with NXP RFID HF Chips inside for automatic counting of hundreds of chips and playing cards.