OBID i-scan® RFID Readers from FEIG Support Low-Level Reader Protocol

Feig Electronics

As RFID technology has continued to advance, a growing number of industries have adopted these solutions to better address customer requirements and improve business efficiency. In order to help even more users benefit from this technology,  EPCglobal® ratifiedthe Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) standard to reduce potential technological barriers to adoption, such as long deployment times.

FEIG Electronics, a worldwide leader in RFID reader systems, has recently released a new software driver to support the LLRP standard interface for its family of OBID i-scan® Readers. The LLRP application layer communications protocol provides a standard interface between RFID Readers and client devices, eliminating the need to use proprietary client software for each manufacturer’s reader.

Implementing the LLRP standard enables faster, simpler RFID deployments because end users can quickly establish a connection between the OBID i-scan® RFID Reader and any LLRP-enabled client devices. In addition, the reader is able to send reports and event notifications to the client whenever they are generated and a connection is established.

The LLRP standard is supported in all of the OBID i-scan® UHF Readers, which are well-suited to automation, process control, production control, asset management and supply chain management for retail and logistics applications.

The ID FELLRP software application for OBID i-scan® Readers supports version 1.0.1 of the LLRP standard. The software driver allows users the option to retrieve reader capabilities, retrieve and change the reader configuration, and control reader operations.

FEIG develops state-of-the-art RFID technology for diverse applications, and is the only supplier offering both readers and antennas for all three frequency ranges with passive transponder technology: low frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency.