A Milestone in Document Tracking by SmartTrac

Asset Tracking

Managing digitized documents is easy: professional users can choose from a variety of solutions. But when it comes to original paper documents, the situation is much more challenging. That’s why SMARTRAC, document tracking specialist RFIDTraxx and reader manufacturer FEIG ELECTRONIC have developed an RFID-based solution to streamline this often cumbersome “paperwork”.

There still is a need to store and manage paper documents  – especially those with high-value or high-quality content, or legal significance. When managed access to these pieces of paper is essential for business workflow, companies often face major challenges in finding an effective and reliable solution. Failing to comply with this need could result in fines, loss of business or damage to a company’s reputation – especially in the US, which is considered the most litigious country in the world.

RFID Technology Maximizes Reliable Control of Documents

The new RFID-based system offers a convincing solution to that problem, according to Samuli Strömberg, VP Global Segment Development Industry at SMARTRAC. “This innovative system, supported by RFID technology, will make a strong contribution to achieving maximum transparency in the RFID document management process. The system minimizes document losses and maximizes reliable control of documents.”

Samuli Strömberg is not only convinced by the system’s technological advantages, he also sees huge demand for such a solution. “We are very pleased to be collaborating with RFIDTraxx and FEIG to jointly service the promising market for document tracking, whose volume could reach five billion RFID tags in the U.S. alone.”

SMARTRAC RFID Tags and FEIG RFID Readers for Maximum Performance

The system is based on self-adhesive labels equipped with SMARTRAC RFID tags supporting EPC Class-1 HF and latest-generation ISO 18000-3 Mode3. RFID Labels containing “BLOCK” (48mm x 48mm) or “BAND” (23mm x 70mm) type tags are applied to all documents and carry all the tracking information required. The tags allow swift identification of stacked items, and contain a unique identification number, enabling the secure and reliable identification of documents. The high-performance tags are complemented by FEIG’s ID ISC.LR1002 HF Long Range Readers.

Together, these solution components have the ability to detect labels independent of their stack height, and thus represent a milestone in document management. The major advantages are capacity and speed: data transfer is twice as fast compared to conventional devices, offering the capability to track 200 documents per second. Even at this speed, interference is no issue: the FEIG reader can read such high numbers of tagged documents in a stack without the risk of tag coupling or shadowing.

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