FEIG Electronics Launches New Standalone Access Control Solution

Access Control

OBID myAXXESS® ID MAX.U1002 UHF Vehicle Access Control Reader and FEIG’s personnal identification systems provides secure and easy access for gated communities, parking lots, office buildings

ATLANTA — September 30, 2014 — Today FEIG Electronics, a leading global supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and antennas, announced availability of the OBID myAXXESS® ID MAX.U1002 system for vehicle identification and standalone access control. The new vehicle access control solution from FEIG offers secure and easy vehicle access to gated communities and private parking lots.

The ID MAX.U1002 standalone system includes the OBID myAXXESS® Manager software and a robust UHF RFID reader with a read range of more than 25 feet. User data and access parameters can be easily administered for simplified remote system management and report generation. The easy-to-use OBID myAXXESS® Manager enables quick update of authorization data without software expertise.

OBID myAXXESS® ID MAX.U1002 enables secure, controlled access of up to 1,000 vehicles, with each unique vehicle identified by a passive, maintenance-free UHF Gen 2 transponder attached to the windshield. Incorporating a real-time clock, the system offers the option to control access based on time of day and days of the week, which can be customized per user.

“Once the user parameters are set up in the system, the RFID reader operates offline as a standalone device without requiring a dedicated PC or expensive controllers, reducing equipment and installation costs,” said Michael Hrabina, executive vice-president, FEIG Electronics. “The OBID myAXXESS® ID MAX.U1002 is a full-featured solution offered at an affordable price, well-suited for a wide variety of vehicle access control applications.”

FEIG’s latest RFID solution enhances the line of OBID myAXXESS® products for easy access control of vehicles and personnel, ideal for applications such as gated communities and car parks, medical offices, warehouses, day care and multi-tenant buildings. Additional stand-alone access control products include the ID MAX50.10 Access Control Terminal for IP based Networks, enabling offline management of up to 9,000 users in industrial and commercial installations.

FEIG is able to deliver a range of RFID solutions, as one of just a few global suppliers offering RFID readers and antennas for all three standard operating frequency ranges: LF, HF and UHF.



FEIG ELECTRONICS, located in Duluth, Georgia, is internally developing and managing all products and services related to  the OBID® – RFID business segment of FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH to the North American Market. OBID RFID reader systems from FEIG were developed according to international standards in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of transponder chips, supporting all major types of transponder tags.

FEIG has more than 40 years of industry experience and sold well over 1 million RFID readers that meet specifications with over 99.99 percent reliability. FEIG delivers both standard and customized solutions to system integrators and resellers in access control, automotive, healthcare, library, payment, supply chain  management and more.