RFID Enabled Cruise Ships

Access Control


RFID Cruise Ships | Quantum of the SeasRoyal Caribbean installed over 500 FEIG Electronics RFID readers onboard Quantum of the Seas as part of a ship-wide transaction and identification network.  Royal Caribbean has installed RFID technology on its brand-new ship, with wristbands that let passengers pay for food, drinks and services, as well as unlock state rooms, while RFID bag tags are used to provide updates about the location of luggage.

The wristbands are made with a 13.56 MHz NXP Semiconductors Mifare Ultralight C RFIDchip complying with the ISO 14443 standard—a more secure option than the ISO 15693 standard, according to Michael Hrabinas, the executive VP of Feig Electronics, which provided the HF readers used in the self-service Royal iQ kiosks. The cruise ship installed approximately 280 Feig Electronics Obid Classic Pro CPR 40 RFID readers, Hrabina reports.

In addition, the cruise line installed battery-operated VingCard RFID-enabled lock mechanisms at 3,394 doors, to provide guests with access to their rooms. The locks’ RFID readers enter a low-power sleep state when not in use. “It’s important to extend the battery life through power-management techniques,” Hrabina says. The approach of a tag awakens the device, which then reads the tag, controls the door lock and returns to the sleep state. Two AA batteries can last for up to three years, he adds, and for tens of thousands of transactions.

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