Merry Shopping to All with NFC Contactless Payments!

Contactless Payment System

smart paymentTis the season for spreading holiday cheer. For most consumers, the end of the year gift-giving season is the biggest shopping occasion of the year, starting with Black Friday straight through Christmas Eve.

This year, holiday retail sales have been very healthy so far. In fact, retailers are on track to meet or exceed the holiday sales forecast from the National Retail Federation (NRF), which anticipates an increase in sales of 4.1 percent over last year.

To make the most of this season of giving, more and more smart retailers are taking advantage of smart payment technologies. These include the latest cashless payment methods, such as RFID contactless commerce and smart phone payments enabled by Near Field Communications (NFC).

With contactless payments, transactions are quick and easy for busy shoppers – more than 50 percent faster than magnetic swipe credit cards. This means that today’s consumers can make their in-store purchases in the blink of an eye; maybe even faster than Santa can descend down the chimney! And because they are not limited by how much cash is in their wallet, shoppers can spend more on gifts for everyone on their list… both naughty and nice.

And To All A Good Sale

The retail shopping experience continues to evolve with the capability to make nearly instantaneous contactless payments at short-range distances, spreading good cheer among shoppers and retailers alike.

FEIG Electronics offers various desktop readers for retail point of sale (POS) using contactless cards, mobile phones and RFID systems. FEIG’s OBID RFID readers support all the major contactless credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover-Network), as well as debit cards and NFC applications, offering AES256 encryption to protect customer data.

With RFID contactless payments, let’s raise a glass and toast the ringing of cash registers everywhere from now til the night before Christmas!