NXP partners with FEIG Electronics for Smarter Library Solutions

Feig Electronics

FEIG Electronics’ PRH200 Blade Reader will be used in NXP’s booth at next week’s RFID Journal Live to demonstrate their newly released SLIX2 transponder.

Key features of the ICODE SLIX 2 include:

  • NXP originality signature
  • Increased speed and accuracy for inventory management
  • Increased reading range
  • Increased robustness against detuning effects
  • 2.5 Kbit user memory size
  • User memory segmentation with separate access conditions
  • Password protected counter feature
NXP issued a press release quoting Marcus Desch, FEIG’s Technical Director.

“The first tests with ICODE SLIX 2 and our new handheld inventory reader for library ID ISC.PRH200 showed promising results. We see about 50 per cent performance improvements in the inventory situations of typical library media,” said Markus Desch, technical director of FEIG’s OBID division.

Please click here to see the full release.

Also you will find a short video demonstration of the product below


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