Improving Automation in Manufacturing Using RFID

Feig Electronics

On Dec. 1, 1913, Henry Ford put the first assembly line in motion, thereby creating industrial automation. Today, RFID technology controls automation in many production processes, such as those in logistics, industry and commerce. An RFID reader can identify a transponder-tagger component located on any number of devices, verifying their originality and ensuring they’re installed where they’re supposed to be.

Industrial RFID manufacturing applications for RFID components, including automation, are unique and varied. Today, RFID technology is used in automation to ensure that products are in the correct location and at the right quantity and quality. As RFID technology advances, these same products will be able to “communicate” independently with production facilities, creating a completely streamlined approach to industrial automation or industrial internet of things (IIOT).

FEIG has many examples of incorporating  RFID technology into automation lines. From our proximity readers for use in near field applications to long range readers with reading and writing distances of several meters, FEIG Electronics ensures our readers meet our customers’ exact needs. Our mid-range readers are the right choice for many automation applications, with a maximum reading and writing distance of about 40 cm. Our long-range readers are able to achieve reading and writing distances of up to two meters, depending on what configuration of the antenna is needed. Both single loop and gate antennas are supported. Because of the wide range of interfaces and operation modes, our long-range readers can provide many options for integration and use.

FEIG Electronics also provides an inclusive line of antenna accessories so that our customers can create a personalized setup for their antenna systems. Our antenna multiplexer allows one reader to be connected to multiple antennas, and the power splitter makes setting up complex antenna solutions easier. To top everything off, all of our OBID antenna accessories offer automatic antenna tuning.

FEIG Electronics has the RFID solutions needed to support automation, especially in manufacturing. Our OBID i-scan product family is helping to bring Henry Ford’s principle of the assembly line into the future by using RFID to increase efficiency and minimize risk.