New Terminal series for secure, contactless Payment and Ticketing

Contactless Payment System

Whether in London, Paris or Berlin. No passenger of Tube, metro, subway or buses has to bother in the future with non-transparent tariffs of local transport companies and seek for a ticket before beginning the journey:

It is enough to hold the own contactless credit card in front of the reader at the entrance or the validator in the vehicle and the best fare is booked and billed.

unnamed-2For that FEIG Electronic presented at the UITP World Congress in Milan a complete product family of payment terminals.

unnamedThe cVEND series, developed and approved according to the latest security standards, supports both credit cards and previous electronic tickets.

The new cVEND product family consists of different modules that cover all existing public transport usage scenarios. This includes modules for validators on buses and trains, robust built-in modules for access systems as well as modules for ticket machines.

They support common contactless credit cards, Mobile Payment and electronic tickets, offer an integrated application controller and a certification according to EMVCo Level 2 and PCI PTS 4.0.

The special comfort for passengers: they needs not know before the journey how far they want to go, if they only need a 1-zone ticket or a ticket for the whole network.

unnamed-1In the validator, we specially built for the fair, the cVEND plug is installed (photo left). It is so small that it can be integrated easily even in very shallow validators. Since when installed only an about 28 mm large, circular opening of cVEND is visible, the validator keeps its identity.

In a robust housing the variants cVEND box (photo, in the middle) and cVEND box+ (photo right, with integrated display) are available.

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