RFID Speeds Up Leisure and Ticketing

Contactless Payment System

RFID technology is being used in a number of diverse leisure and ticketing applications — ranging from faster entrance to the ski lift or sporting event, to cashless bus and train entry in public transit systems. More and more, these applications are taking advantage of Near Field Communications (NFC) systems.

The touchless, automated nature of RFID, combined with the convenience of NFC wireless technology, makes this approach ideally suited for superior ticketing, guest loyalty and VIP programs.

A prime example of this trend is global cruise brand Royal Caribbean International. Royal Caribbean uses RFID technology throughout the Quantum of the Seas cruise ship to speed boarding, allow guests to keep track of luggage in real time, and provide VIP treatment. As part of a ship-wide transaction network, hundreds of FEIG OBID® Classic Pro CPR 30 RFID contactless readers were installed onboard the state-of-the-art ship to read RFID wristbands worn by the passengers.

Additionally, RFID is increasingly popular for secure contactless payment and ticketing systems for public transit fare collection.

FEIG’s cVEND contactless payment terminals offer passengers a quick and easy way to make secure payment transactions through the use of contactless credit cards or smart phones. cVEND devices offer outstanding reading ranges and transaction times without sacrificing security, and they can be used for open-loop or closed-loop ticketing.

Likewise, the Trapeze Automated Transit Fare Collection System (AFC) accepts contact and contactless cards, as well as smart phones, with the help of the FEIG OBID® Classic Pro CPR 44 proximity reader module and OBID® myAXXESS.

FEIG’s RFID readers offer a simple plug and play, USB interface and integrated antenna for seamless integration into existing turnstiles, payment systems, sports concessions and other transaction types. The readers offer encryption options to protect sensitive data, ensuring that all your passengers and guests are treated like VIPs.