UHF Long Range Reader Comparison at VarTech

Feig Electronics

UHF Long Range Reader ComparisonKlaus Schoeke, Vice President of Technical Sales and Support for FEIG Electronics presented an eye opening comparison between UHF readers at BlueStar’s VARTech Conference held on September 14-18 2015 at CocoCay Bahamas.

FEIG’s LRU1002 Long Range UHF Reader was compared to Zebra FX7500 & FX7400, Impinj Speedway Revolution and Kathrein RRU4. Variations exist between devices in how they perform the EPC C1G2 Dense Interrogator specification, which reduces interference impact when multiple readers are deployed in an application. During Dense Reader Mode, each readers lost sensitivity when two readers were transmitting in the neighboring channel, but the LRU1002 was much more stable.

Mr. Schoeke’s presentation included additional comparisons regarding anti-collision, multiplexing and data capture rates. A full benchmark report will be coming soon. Contact FEIG Sales for any questions