ABETECH Promotes FEIG ELECTRONICS MR102-mid-range reader

Feig Electronics

screenshot_159ABETECH, a bar code or RFID solutions provider that has put together over 20,000 data collection solutions in the US has featured FEIG’s MR102-Mid Range HF reader on Lincoln’s blog.

The MR102-Mid Range HF reader is on the of most popular HF readers with an output power rating of 1.2 watts, this small high frequency reader delivers excellent read and write ranges when paired with one of FEIG’s standard, FCC certified antennas. It’s anti-collision function supports reading up to 30 transponders per second.

screenshot_160The unit supports any fully compliant ISO15693 or ISO18000-3 Mode 3 transponder.  Despite the differences between silicon manufacturers memory organizations and capacities, FEIG’s multi-tag capability executes nuanced read and write functions in a way that is completely transparent to a developer. In addition to supporting the standard ISO command set, the MR102 also supports the custom and proprietary commands that are unique to certain transponders such as, single or multiple blocks functions, kill and lock.

The MR102 has several modes of operation. In Host mode, reader functions are controlled by commands received by the reader over the interface. The reader responds to every message received from the host either with the successful status of the command’s execution, or a useful diagnostic code of the fault, be it a message timeout, failed read or write attempt or RF communication error.

In Scan mode, the reader automatically polls for tag data and transmits immediately across the interface upon detection. If the interface is over USB, the data is sent in HID key code format providing a simple keyboard wedge interface that will place data at the screen cursor position without requiring a software development effort.

The MR102 is available as a board level module for embedded applications or in an IP30 rated ABS plastic enclosure and has several hardware versions that provide communication interfaces for USB, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet.

Capable, flexible, reliable and easy to use accurately describe this feature rich product. The device packs large features into a surprising small package and a remarkable price point. Learn more about this and other FEIG products here.