White Paper: RFID in Healthcare Meets Regulations to Ensure Patient Safety



The medical and healthcare fields have benefited from RFID technology for some time. Recent innovations by FEIG Electronics are expanding the capabilities of RFID technology, bringing richer data streams, more dynamic features, intuitive user interfaces and more.

The cost savings and efficiency improvements represented by these features are staggering. But when it comes to safety regulations for electronic medical devices, how does RFID in healthcare measure up?

RFID still has a lot of regulatory hoops to jump through – especially when it comes to medical devices. Furthermore, medical device safety regulations are continually being updated and revised, like in the case of the ISO 60601 compliance benchmark, which was updated in Fall 2015.

FEIG’s new white paper, “RFID in Healthcare: Technology Meets Stringent Safety Regulations for Use in Medical Devices” discusses these issues and more:

  • The complex regulatory challenges that apply to RFID in healthcare
  • Updates to ISO 60601 medical electronic equipment standards
  • Common RFID medical applications
  • RFID challenges in automated tracking of sterilized products
  • Obstacles to RFID use in medical devices
  • The continued evolution of RFID standards

To find out more about how RFID is meeting medical device safety standards, click the image below to download the white paper:

RFID in Healthcare White Paper