Benchmarking RFID Readers for Maximum Tag Performance

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Benchmarking RFID Readers | FEIG ELECTRONICS

Klaus Schoeke, Vice President of Technical Sales and Support for FEIG Electronics, has tested the latest UHF RAIN RFID readers from leading manufacturers and presented the findings between FEIG’s LRU1002 Long Range UHF Reader, in comparison to the Zebra FX7500 & FX7400, Impinj Speedway Revolution, and Kathrein RRU4.   The comparisons reveal variations between devices in how well they perform in dense interrogator mode, anti-collision, multiplexing and data capture rates.  No reader is immune from the influences experienced in real-world conditions but Klaus demonstrates how to get the maximum performance.  If you have or are considering a long range RAIN reader deployment you won’t want to miss the findings of our “Benchmarking RFID Readers” tests.

Klaus Schoeke

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