How RFID Improves Productivity in Manufacturing

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How RFID Improves Productivity in Manufacturing | FEIG ELECTRONICS

RFID technology solves the manufacturing industry’s most difficult problems by helping companies provide higher level of customization,  gain insight on process bottlenecks and take command of quality control, as well as provide traceability for the lifetime of the product.

Embedded Systems

Nearly every electronically controlled product has configurable operating parameters. Dual Port Memory transponders incorporated into a product that makes it possible to easily custom a product in-line during the manufacturing process or to wirelessly modify a product’s operating parameters while stored in a box prior to shipping to a customer.  A device’s operating parameters are stored in memory and accessed by the processor to perform particular functions. . If this memory is dual ported RFID the stored content can be wirelessly modified, without powering the up the product.  The embedding of RFID into products is a critical link for Internet of Things.

Product customization in-line

RFID technology allows manufacturers to meet individual customer’s needs by producing inventory that’s made-to-order without sacrificing the benefits of mass production. This technology is especially valuable for companies who create products with long wait times for customers that frequently request special orders.

For example, using RFID technology to customize a standard product upon order without taking it out of the box significantly improves production efficiency, reduces the risk of damage and increases overall per-unit profit. It also speeds up the end user’s wait time, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

FEIG’s RFID reader technology provides a solution for customers who want to streamline production while simultaneously providing a higher degree of customization.

Last-minute changes and easy upgrades require only a simple wireless tool. There’s no need for a power source connection, making this technology the ultimate versatile solution to save time and money for OEMs.

Shop floor automation

While most modern manufacturers use RFID technology to manage building entry and exit, log into and out of active jobs and as a means of identification, more are accessing this technology to reduce human error and automate the shop floor.

One way that RFID technology facilitates efficiency is by allowing any employee or manager with authorization to access the status of any order on the shop floor.

Using RFID technology to streamline manufacturing helps companies rise above their competition by offering customized products without increasing cost or time to delivery.

Customized RFID solutions

For lighting manufacturers, a customized RFID solution allows them to pair FEIG RFID readers with their existing software and interface devices. They can then wirelessly configure their programmable LED devices in milliseconds using RFID technology without having to remove the device from its box.

Customers who need more control options use FEIG’s RFID reader technology to streamline the entire manufacturing process. With this groundbreaking technology, manufacturers and resellers can stock one standard product and configure it to order.