Control Units for Perimeter Protection, Sliding Gates and Speed Gates

Access Control

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In fenced off and protected areas, the accesses and driveways are natural weak points, which have to be secured with efficient and effective means. The FEIG ELECTRONIC gate control systems are the right choice here in many respects.

The gate control system as a central unit of the intelligent system solution ensures the gate unit can be opened and closed quickly and therefore securely. Particularly when combined with accessories such as induction loop detectors, RFID reader technology and radio-controlled security systems, sliding gates and speed gates are moved quickly without damaging the material. The most powerful versions work with modern frequency converter technology – this is how to protect assets these days!

When it comes to barrier systems and bollards for access control purposes to parking garages and parking lots, the user’s focus is on safety, reliability and speed.

Besides a powerful control unit, induction loop detectors for vehicle detection play a crucial role, as several induction loops are usually installed for security purposes and for generating “close” commands when driving back out. Authorized persons use radio or RFID transponder systems as pulse generators. The completely thought-through system solution consisting of control unit and matching accessories from¬†FEIG ELECTRONIC makes all the difference here!

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