Congratulations to Tech Logic, Platinum Award Winner of the 2018 Modern Library Awards

Asset Tracking

FEIG ELECTRONICS, Inc. frequently works closely with its partners to design specialized products for their partners’ respective markets, and its long-standing partner Tech Logic has leveraged FEIG ELECTRONICS to design a robust item tracking solution for libraries that won the Platinum Award for the American Library Association’s 2018 Modern Library Awards (MLAs).

To be a Platinum Award winner for this year’s MLAs, Tech Logic had to score between an 8.5 and 10 –which is the top average score placement in the program. Tech Logic accomplished this by furnishing references and writing and submitting a detailed write-up of its award-winning product, the CircTRAK Shelf Manager. The write-up goes under a rigorous review and scoring process by the LibraryWorks readership. The Platinum Award Winning CircTRAK Shelf Manager was recognized as a leading product in the library marketplace for good reasons. Here’s why:

A Modern Solution to a Long-Standing Problem

Being able to track the items in the library is crucial for saving time for library patrons, and its a problem that libraries have faced for a long time. When your library system needs help with tracking its items, it’s important to find a solid solution that leverages today’s technology to provide an enhanced patron experience. That’s where Tech Logic’s CircTRAK Shelf Manager comes in to provide a modern solution with the help of RFID technology. CircTRAK Shelf Manager helps save librarians and staff time on finding misplaced items that may already marked as claimed return, missing, lost or some other exception status that is used in their system.

Smart Solutions Powered by Smart Technology

With the help of FEIG ELECTRONICS, Tech Logic was able to develop its RFID product to better serve libraries and staff. To design an ideal RFID system for library shelf inventory management, FEIG ELECTRONICS collaborated with system integrators and customers in the development of the i-scan PRH200 reader, which plays a central role in the built-in RFID technology that powers CircTRAK Shelf Manager.

“FEIG ELECTRONICS provided modern, ergonomic design and performance that exceeds its competitors and all other library item tracking alternatives,” notes Tech Logic’s Gary Kirk. This innovative technology helped to power CircTRAK Shelf Manager wand to save the Salt Lake County Library an average of two to three hours per week in time used to locate items via a trace list.

Deserved Accolades

Tech Logic’s partnership with FEIG ELECTRONICS played a central part in developing an award-winning product that delivers a modern solution for the longstanding item tracking issue. With its innovative technology, Tech Logic’s accolades are well-deserved as it continues to deliver smart solutions using RFID.