FEIG Supplies Technology to the World’s Largest RFID Document Tracking Project

Asset Tracking

The world largest RAIN RFID document tracking system was installed this year at the prosecutor’s office high-rise in Qatar. The new system replaces the existing one to provide greater coverage, fewer readers and fast data capture, plus real-time alerts.  The system utilizes the existing UHF RFID labels attached to files. As more files are commissioned, however, the QPP office can print each new label (provided by Smartrac) on a Zebra Technologies printer. There are, on average, 300 to 500 new files created daily, covering everything from traffic violations to felonies across the country.

Spread over 46 floors, 70,000 documents are currently identified using FEIG’s technology at a total of 1,006 reading points to track the location of individual files and to ensure that proper security procedures are followed so documents are not taken out of the premises without proper authorization.

As a file moves around the facility, its location is updated as each reader antenna captures its tag ID number. A typical floor contains 26 offices, eight elevators and four sets of stairs. Four FEIG RFID readers accommodate each floor with 40 antennas and 40 read points. That means the OGTech middleware captures the files’ locations as they enter the floor and are moved into an office. The system captures each specific office, elevator, stairwell or corridor that the files enter or leave, as well as how long they remain at that location.

The FEIG readers reduce the amount of RFID-based data traffic by being programmed to send a specific tag ID to the middleware only once, so that if a tag remains in a given area within range of a specific antenna, it will not be continuously interrogated. Additionally the FEIG readers provide reliability even if the network temporarily goes down since the FEIG RFID readers can store up to 1,700 data sets (read events) in the event that the facility’s back-end system fails, and then forward that data once the system comes back online.

FEIG’s authorized distribution partner in Qatar, OGTech and the local solution provider QCS were in charge of the deployment with a state-of-the-art installation comprised of the most innovative UHF long range readers, antennas and multiplexers. Five hundred new files are generated daily at the Qatar’s Prosecutor’s office so further expansion is expected and the deployment could even be extended to the city’s courthouse.