Our Best Year For Successful RFID Solutions!

Feig Electronics

Happy New Year from FEIG Electronics

FEIG ELECTRONICS, Inc. extends our sincerest thanks and deep appreciation for your business. Loyal clients and partners around the world propelled FEIG to record sales in 2018 with several new successful RFID solutions.

In 2018, FEIG launched new products for automatic vehicle identification, access control, and mobility. We expanded the product portfolio to include barcode identification and added to our portable RFID readers with the acquisition of the PANMOBIL® that was completed last March.  We introduced innovative new products that include:

  • FEIG Electronic's Wiegand Switch

    Wiegand Switch from FEIG Electronics

  • The Wiegand Switch, an award-winning product released at the ISC West Security Show that enables a single AVI RFID reader to authenticate vehicles at multiple barrier-controlled access points.
  • The Compact UHF Reader, a product that integrates a reader, antenna and traffic light into a single easy to install, IP65 rated housing for perimeter control and parking applications.
  • A UHF Portal that captures RFID tags passing between a well-controlled detection zone in addition to their direction. The UHF Portal incorporates a people counter that enumerates the number of individuals that pass between the portal, ideal for article surveillance and event management.
  • A UHF Directional Motion Reader that detects tags and direction that is easily and unobtrusively mounted in a ceiling or wall.

In addition to these new products, FEIG partners launched hugely successful RFID solutions in casino gaming, document tracking, toll collection, airline baggage tracking, smart shelves and package delivery this year.

The New Year will bring exciting initiatives to foster closer relationships with our partners to cooperatively grow our success together. We have revamped the RFID Reader News site where partners and colleagues are invited to contribute their success stories to bring awareness of all the amazing applications in RFID. Traffic to RFIDReaderNews.com shot up 80% with the new format and informative content.

We want to thank all our clients and colleagues for your business and your friendship.  We look forward to 2019!