Pin Pad Terminal With Integrated NFC Unit For Tap & Pin Applications As The Latest Member Of FEIG’s Payment Terminal Family

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New PIN Pad Terminal for Contactless Payment Systems – only ONE device  for Chip and Pin reduces installation- and maintenance efforts

At Transport Ticketing 2019 in London FEIG ELECTRONIC presents with cVEND PIN the latest development for contactless payment at a ticket machine. The PIN pad terminal with integrated NFC unit for high value Tap & PIN transactions is the newest member of FEIG´s Contactless Payment Terminal family.

This robust, handicapped accessible terminal reduces installation and maintenance efforts for the operators notably, since one less opening in the machine must be provided and fewer components must be wired.

Also available is a SmartCard reader for contact cards, specially designed for an optimal interaction with the cVEND PIN.


Great Portfolio of Contactless Payment Terminals

The contactless payment terminals of the cVEND product family are the optimal solution not only for public transport applications but also for integration into ticket machines, rental bikes, charging stations or vending machines. In public transport, the terminals are used primarily in validators, on-board computers, access gates and ticket machines. For this, different variants are available: OEM terminals for flush integration into non-conducting environments (cVEND plug) and payment terminals with housing for integration into metallic environments (cVEND box/box+).

contactless payment terminals of the cVEND product family

Certified according to EMVCo and PCI PTS they provide secure, fast and easy payment with contactless credit-, debit- and customer cards (open loop and closed loop) or payment-enabled mobile phones. Level 2 kernels are available for American Express, Discover, Mastercard, VISA and RuPay.

Due to of the P2PE certfied Key Incetion Facility of FEIG ELECTRONIC the terminals can also be integrated in PCI P2P2 solutions, where FEIG acts as a component service provider for key material. So customers have not to care for those security requirements which were met by the cVEND, already.