Successful Cooperation With Nexo Standards

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Nexo Standards Cooperation

Nexo membership helps to meet the evolving requirements of merchants and system integrators of payment solutions worldwide

In this issue of ‘nexo news’, we speak with Eric William Pitts, Market Manager – PAYMENT at FEIG ELECTRONIC

Please can you share an overview of FEIG ELECTRONIC and tell us more about what the company does.

FEIG ELECTRONIC is a product developer and manufacturer of an unattended POS terminal portfolio (cVEND). Based in Germany, FEIG ELECTRONIC is active in unattended payment and ticketing projects worldwide.

Offering top-notch product functionality and maximum mechanical production precision at all times, all terminals comply with all relevant international security and payment application standards and certifications in order to ensure reliable and secure transaction data handling, globally. FEIG ELECTRONIC payment terminals are used in an extremely wide range of applications in the Public Transportation, Parking, Vending and eCharging industries.

Why did FEIG ELECTRONIC decide to join nexo standards?

As a terminal manufacturer operating on an international scale, it is crucial that we keep up-to-date with the latest advancements related to terminals to ensure we continue to meet the evolving requirements of merchants and system integrators worldwide. As a member of nexo standards, we can see first-hand the innovation that is happening worldwide and better understand how organizations from across the payments industry are supporting a shared vision of a more harmonized, seamless payments ecosystem.

What value do you see nexo standards offering the industry?

The value proposition offered by a global standard for the payments ecosystem is highly promising. Standardization has proven to be a key success factor in other industries and truly has the potential to increase industry efficiency, boost innovation and pave the way for the delivery of a consistent experience for customers across the globe.