Schreiner Group Using FEIG ELECTRONIC RFID Long Range Readers

Access Control

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The high-tech company Schreiner Group is now relying on powerful RFID long range readers from FEIG ELECTRONIC for the automatic vehicle access control of their parking spaces.

With more than 1,000 employees, the Schreiner Group specializes in the development and manufacture of functional labels and labeling solutions. 

The company’s individual RFID labels for identifying goods, components or vehicles are used worldwide.

For the vehicle access control at the headquarters in the north of Munich, the Schreiner Group opted for an RFID-based system from FEIG ELECTRONIC.

Access to the parking garages is particularly convenient thanks to a system of UHF RFID readers and UHF transponders on the windscreens of the vehicles.

Thanks to the integrated UHF long-range reader, the ID MAX.U500i in use recognize the RFID transponders registered in the system from a distance of up to 10 meters.

The barrier system opens automatically as soon as the vehicles arrive and enable people to pass without stopping – both when entering and exiting. The UHF transponders used are the ((RFID)) – Windshield Label Global manufactured by Schreiner PrinTrust, which, together with the readers from FEIG, enable the best performance and reliability.

This system provides the company with a powerful solution. The circular polarization of the ID MAX.U500i enables, for example, reliable detection regardless of the orientation of the RFID transponder to the antenna.

The robust design ensures trouble-free reading performance even in heavy rain or high temperatures. Means: smooth access controls even under the most demanding conditions.

For the Schreiner Group, the new system is a win in several ways: the access is securely regulated so that only previously authorized vehicles have access.

Also, the process is accelerated significantly and the comfort for the employees increases because the previously used RFID card is no longer necessary.