FEIG Virtual Exhibition Booth: RFID Parking, Tolling and Payment Solutions

Access Control

Sensors, RFID and Payment components

RFID technology can provide a better quality of life for people and increase business efficiency. With more than 50 years in the industry and a legacy of innovation, FEIG solutions offer the reliability and deep technical expertise that enable you to conveniently harness this dynamic technology.

Exhibits and conferences are on hold for now, so FEIG is bringing its robust RFID parking, tolling and payment solutions conveniently to your desktop with our Virtual Exhibition Booth.

Meet our FEIG experts:

  • Andreas Funk, Key Account Manager, Controllers and Sensors, talks about how to optimize gate and barrier systems
  • Sascha Schöll, Key Account Manager, Identification, explains how to use multiple RFID readers as the foundation for toll systems, parking applications, and access control solutions.
  • Eric Pitts, Market-Manager, Payment details how to modernize parking ticket machines, toll stations, and charging stations with contactless and hybrid payment systems.

RFID Technology Applications Are Booming

Today, cities around the world are providing traditional services and solving urban issues through the use of RFID technology. RFID products facilitate mobility, improve social services, and create sustainability. Smart-city applications like parking, traffic management, human tracking, and healthcare are flourishing. This article focuses on FEIG’s Vehicle Access Control and payment solutions.

Vehicle Access Control 

Vehicle access control systems manage vehicles that access and circulate in public or private spaces, granting access for authorized vehicles and restricting access for unauthorized vehicles. A vehicle access control system monitors the comings and goings of residents and visitors alike.

Wireless RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification technology increases security, provides efficient vehicle entry and exit, improves customer service, and can automatically process any parking fees.

Hands-free vehicle access supports multiple environments, including corporate and university campuses, hospitals, commercial parking lots, residential and gated communities, business or community centers, and more.

FEIG Solutions for Vehicle Control

  • FEIG’s UHF Compact Reader – passive UHF RFID readers are extending their range and tag costs are dropping, making this technology even more attractive for improving vehicle access control. Gated communities, warehouses, and office parking lots are implementing vehicle access management using FEIG’s UHF Compact Reader with integrated antenna and signal light. The stand-alone version – UHF Vehicle Access Control Reader with integrated antenna, includes a signal light that flashes blue for idle mode, green for access granted, and red for access denied. This reader is ideal for barrier entrances for companies, universities, airports, and gated communities. 
  • The Robust Antenna is designed for any outdoor or industrial application with harsh, demanding conditions, such as perimeter protection, vehicle mounting (i.e., waste collection trucks and industrial forklifts), container tracking at shipping ports, airport baggage handling operations, and vehicle identification for road tolling. The antenna’s die-cast aluminum, weatherproof, and sealed housing protects against dust, dirt, and wind-driven rain. It ensures superior reliability and avoids inconvenient and costly maintenance.  
  • The high-speed UHF Long Range Reader with four external antenna connectors has a reading speed of 250KPH, making it the ideal solution for high-speed, free-flow toll systems. This reader can be combined with the elegantly-designed Robust UHF Antenna (ID ANT.U580/290) for one-lane monitoring, and can be integrated with an existing system. The Moscow Business District is an example of a city that has deployed this solution. 
  • The UHF windshield transponder easily integrates with the reader and antenna, and identifies vehicles entering and leaving a gated area. Authorized vehicles slow down and drive through an automated gate, saving time and personnel costs normally associated with staffed entry points.
  • RFID readers with a contactless payment module like cVEND can integrate into existing access controls in hotel parking garages to provide a state-of-the-art solution. TIBA Parking implemented FEIG’s solutions in a number of their hotel parking lots for quick, easy, unstaffed entry and exit.
  • The myAXXESS Manager software makes it easy to manage access authorization for people and vehicles. The local database application controls users and groups of users. Co-manage door and barrier access in one project and assign to specific areas for easy control. View our latest tutorial on myAXXESS and learn how easy it is to use.

FEIG ELECTRONIC’s Vehicle Access Control Readers supports Ucode DNA and are compatible with other RFID-based protocols. Our readers provide quick long-range detection to keep vehicles moving, compatibility with existing access control panels, easy installation, and accurate, reliable performance.

Modernize your vehicle access control solutions with FEIG to get the highest level of security with speedy credential verification and fast payment processing capabilities. Improve efficiency, reduce personnel costs, and most importantly, keep your customers happy.