Get the ViQ Parking Solution for Smart City Parking

Access Control

Upgrade Your Vehicle Access Control for Greater Customer Satisfaction

Dated technology and unwieldy credentials can cause delays in gated parking access. Glitches, outdated information, and slow gate movement cause frustration for gated community residents and personnel in medical, university, government, and hospitality locations. Protect customer satisfaction and your property’s reputation with a new, more effective solution.

One of the largest access control companies in the world approached AARFID to develop a more efficient and secure parking access system that could replace or modernize outdated technology.

In response, the AARFID Development team produced easy-to-integrate software that is flexible enough for multiple applications and durable under adverse weather conditions. Careful evaluation of real-world scenarios informed the development of Version 1, and FEIG ELECTRONIC’S vehicle access control reader hardware completed the solution.

The ViQ Parking System

Vehicle access in the era of today’s Smart Cities means flawless service for customers and greater levels of security and control for property owners. The ViQ™ Parking System is designed with RFID technology that requires no contact or slide of a physical device. Unaided, the system reads an identifying card or RFID tag that is encrypted for optimal security. Codes can quickly be activated or deactivated in real time, yielding a system that is highly responsive to changing conditions.

At the entrance of a secure area, the RFID reader identifies the vehicle tag and instantaneously raises or lowers the gate for authorized vehicles. ViQ seamlessly integrates physical gates and tags, improves customer experience, increases security, and connects vehicle information to guests or authorized personnel.

ViQ is a complete solution. Its custom-branded-credential technology is in high demand and not currently offered by other solutions. ViQ offers an impressive list of benefits:

  • A modernized guest experience with hands-free use and faster access.
  • Simple installation and replacement of outdated equipment.
  • FEIG ELECTRONIC readers, the most durable and advanced readers in the industry, to minimize repair and replacement costs.
  • Easy integration with Salto Systems, the leader in peripheral access control.
  • A selection of kits and accessories to address varying property needs and existing control panels. 
  • Secure UIDs that provide better security.
  • RFID tag reassignment software. Reuse tags that cost $8-$12 each, saving operating costs.
  • Adjustable read ranges customizable by access point. Reduce entrance delays, backups, and misreads.
  • Create multiple vehicle access tiers for different parking area access levels without manual approvals.
  • Secure data storage and tailored reporting with complete audit trails.
  • Handheld vehicle ID and recognition devices for backup, emergencies, guest location, and parking issues.
  • Elimination of battery, fob or tag charging.
  • Few or no gate personnel required.
  • Highest-quality hardware for lower maintenance costs.
  • Reassignable, branded hang tags offer substantial cost reduction, provide instantaneous authorized access, track vehicle movement, determine guest location, and enhance overall security.  

Be part of the Smart City with modernized, secure, and reliable parking management technology. ViQ streamlines traffic and enhances customer experience with a device-free, hassle-free experience at hotels, parking garages, and gated communities. With social media so much a part of our lives, customers today can easily share a poor parking experience. So much is riding on your reputation. Can you afford not to upgrade?

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