Contactless and Feeless Vehicle Access Control

Access Control

myAXXESS Manager software

Access control systems need to be as seamless as possible, and in today’s world, that means contactless. Feig Electronics’ myAXXESS Manager software is a feeless and easy solution to manage access authorizations for people and vehicles, controlling user and group access through doors and parking barriers. 

myAXXESS is access control management software that controls security, time management and authorizations to buildings and parking areas in conjunction with FEIG UHF RFID Readers.

The software works as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with existing access control systems. The FEIG access control reader line is compatible with most UHF credentials – even the most secure technologies such as MIFARE DESFire and UCODE DNA from NXP.

Here are the top five reasons why myAXXESS is the perfect security solution for small-to-medium businesses:

Access Made Easy

MyAXXESS is a secure, powerful and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized projects and campuses. Implemented as a stand-alone system or integrated into existing access solutions, this software offers complete control from a single source.

Complete Control

MyAXXESS enables convenient and easy management of access authorizations and restrictions. It just takes a few clicks to define which people or vehicles are permitted to access a site or sites, and the times they are permitted access.

Quick Intuitive Secure Installation

MyAXXESS is a fully compatible system that can be integrated very quickly. Long- and short-range readers and transponders for the requisite design work reliably and operate intuitively, creating the ideal solution for secure access and entry control.

Custom-Designed Vehicle Access – Reliable and Secure

With the myAXXESS Manager, short- and long-range RFID-based readers can be individually programmed and configured. For particularly sensitive applications, FEIG provides maximum security and control using secure technologies such as MIFARE DESFire and UCODE DNA from NXP. Using these secure technologies, the software combines maximum security with maximum control. 

Reliable, Secure and Hygienic 

MyAXXESS Manager software has been specially tailored to be compatible with the different RFID readers available. From a hygiene perspective, contactless RFID technology effectively shields users from germs, bacterial pathogens and COVID-19.

With  myAXXESS Manager software, you have everything you need for administration. Users, areas, times and other parameters make your authorization management tasks flexible, individual and highly efficient. For more information, watch FEIG’s myAXXESS Tutorial.