FEIG RFID Training: Keeping Up With Technology

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RFID Training

There are no registration or travel fees for FEIG’s webcast RFID training, yet we know that it costs time and productivity while an employee is away from the job. FEIG offers training because we believe it is worthwhile for our customers and partners as Feig continues to improve and upgrade systems, you get the most from your architecture with regular training. 

FEIG Is Your Training Partner

As your RFID technology partner, FEIG offers training on our RFID identification products, including technological insights into the design, selection, and implementation of our RFID readers and antennas.

We offer separate training sessions for wearable barcode and RFID devices, HF, and UHF systems in order to offer in depth coverage of these different technologies and the influences on them. We also offer training on our Software Development Kits (SDKs). FEIG offers many SDK’s in various programming languages to enable simplified integration with your systems.

We welcome you to attend any and all of the training sessions that you have interest in.

Upcoming RFID Training Sessions

  • Wearable and mobile device product introduction
  • UHF stationary reader product introduction
  • Reader configuration with ISO Start software
  • Application software development using the improved FEIG SDKs

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Keeping Up with RFID Technology

RFID Technology continues to expand at a tremendous rate, and in response, FEIG upgrades and expands our product offering. Our training offerings are intended to keep you updated on the latest and greatest features and applications available with FEIG RFID systems.

FEIG RFID training sessions are in-depth and technical, covering a wide range of topics. Experienced FEIG subject matter experts teach our training courses, and they contribute their technical expertise and product knowledge, as well as real-world experience with our products.

The Value of RFID Training

There are many persuasive reasons to deliver regular training, including those that result in both tangible and intangible ROI.

  • Increased productivity. The more job knowledge an employee has, the better they perform, the more confidence they have and the better they can serve customers.
  • Improved value to your customers. With training, employees work more professionally and productively. They deliver richer customer service, and customers get a better impression of your business.
  • Staying up with technology. Ongoing, consistent training keeps employees aware of changes in technology that can be leveraged to improve your business.

Get the Most from Your RFID Technology Investment

While technology training has costs associated with it, it also delivers benefits for your employees and your business. Stay up with the newest developments from FEIG and get the most from your RFID identification system investment. Register online for RFID Training today.