A New FEIG Gen3 SDK for RFID and Barcode Products Is Available Now as a Release Candidate

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To further improve and develop its products, FEIG Electronic introduces a new Software Development Kit for C++, Java and .NET with identical APIs.

FEIG ELECTRONICS, a leading global supplier of barcode and RFID readers and antennas, today announced its third-generation SDK for RFID and Barcode.

In a continued effort to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, FEIG is introducing a new Software Development Kit (SDK) as a release candidate. FEIG’s third-generation SDK is designed for the new technical requirements of .NET 5. Outdated products have been removed, so it contains significantly less code than previous SDKs. 

The APIs in the new SDK are modernized for higher efficiency, and performance and thread safety are significantly improved.

The SDK supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and includes bidirectional communication options for newer products such as the HyWEAR compact wearable.

The Version 6.0.0-RC1 release candidate offers these features for all RFID and barcode products from FEIG except ISO14443 devices.

Support for ISO14443 products will be available in mid-January 2021.