A FEIG Year in Review


Happy Holidays - FEIG

Looking back over 2020, it was a year only the most talented or outlandish fiction writer could have imagined. It was a year that generations will remember for its shocking worldwide pandemic, the stresses it caused, the many kindnesses of strangers, and the creative solutions people and companies came up with to keep people safe and keep business moving.  

FEIG continued innovating throughout the pandemic, manufacturing RFID solutions for safe touchless entry, contactless vehicle identification, no-touch payment and efficient inventory management. Here is a sampling of our 2020 developments.

The Identification Systems Group Enhanced Their Contactless Entry Line with FEIG Products

The Identification Systems Group (ISG), a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, added four FEIG long range UHF readers to its solutions lineup. The products enable ISG to offer contactless RFID applications for vehicle identification, parking management, access control and more. Read on

FEIG Delivered Reliable Data Acquisition Without Mistakes

FEIG’s ID SPAD.U RFID high-performance desktop reader uses innovative filtering and metallic shielding on five sides to block interference that can cause false reads. Flat and compact, the ID SPAD.U reliably reads tags directly above the reader and ignores other tags close by. Read on

FEIG Introduced the Compact CPR60, the Latest Addition to Their CPR Family of Modules for RFID Reader Terminals

The FEIG HF-RFID CPR60 module supports multiple HF ISO standards and offers multiple interfaces on a single reader. It reduces complexity and hardware and integration costs for RFID terminals, printers, handheld and portable devices. Read on

With Its cVEND Terminal Family, FEIG Became a Partner of the Visa Ready for Transit Program

FEIG is now a certified partner of the Visa Ready for Transit program through its cVEND terminal family. The program aims to bring together payment solution and terminal manufacturers worldwide with integrators in public transportation to help improve travel experiences throughout the world. Read on

Maintenance Became Simpler With RFID Technology and Compact RFID / Barcode Readers

Every minute of equipment downtime costs money in production shutdowns, service efficiency and dissatisfied users. Following recommended service and maintenance schedules minimizes downtime and extends service life. Use FEIG’s ECCO+ RFID / barcode reader to track components and document maintenance for fast problem-solving and less downtime. Read on

FEIG Payment Terminals Without PIN PAD Received TZ 7.2 and DC POS 3.0 Approval

FEIG was the first terminal manufacturer to receive regular and unlimited approval according to TA 7.2 and DC POS 3.0 for its Terminals Without PIN Pad (TOPP) by the German Banking Industry Committee. The approval expands FEIG’s recognition as a manufacturer  of contactless payment equipment for unattended machines and terminals that accept credit cards, debit cards and mobile NFC applications such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. Read on

FEIG’s cVEND Contactless Payment System Helped Reduce COVID-19 Infection Risk

FEIG’s cVEND contactless payment terminal family helped stop the spread in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic led to stricter hygiene regulations worldwide, and the World Health Organization officially recommended contactless payment methods whenever possible to reduce the risk of infection during the payment process. Read on

FEIG and Dorcia Engineering Introduced Their High-Speed, Real-Time RFID Monitoring Solution for the Beverage Industry at RFID Journal LIVE!

Dorcia Engineering used FEIG Electronics’ HF-RFID technology to design their Filler Vent Tube Reader for bottle and can filling operations. The device monitors and identifies problems quickly for the highest levels of uptime, reading 2,500 items per minute per line. Read on