The increasing networking of our world has created the need for an ever-higher level of cyber security. This is why FEIG publishes security advisories that indicate measures that must be taken to deal with weak points in software or operating systems. Correctly implemented, this action can effectively prevent any weak points from being exploited.

In the fight against potential cyber crime, the security of our products and our customers’ systems is a top priority for us. As a result, we take information on possible security gaps or apparent faults very seriously and immediately address any security problems that have been identified. As soon as security-relevant errors are identified, we work to remedy the weak point until it has been rectified. On our website, we provide appropriate recommendations and firmware updates for affected products if action is required to restore cyber security. All updates are published as part of official security advisories and are made available for free download at:


Uncovering potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses together

Given the constantly evolving nature of security threats, FEIG relies on advice and alerts sent to us by organizations and individuals. To facilitate this information flow, we have created a way to report potential security problems or malfunctions that could indicate a security gap on our cyber security page. Our team takes every report seriously and investigates the case thoroughly and immediately.

Help us to make our products and software permanently secure by reporting any malfunctions or anomalies that could indicate a security-relevant problem on: