FEIG myAXXESS RFID access software provides powerful incentives for system integrators

Access Control


FEIG ELECTRONIC, has launched myAXXESS, its innovative, secure, powerful and economical RFID access control solution for buildings and parking areas. The solution is free with FEIG reader hardware. Now system integrators can offer this simple, powerful system as an incentive to customers who need a new access system or want to modernize an outdated system.

Based on advanced, proven RFID technology from FEIG, myAXXESS can be a standalone system or integrated into an existing RFID control point. The myAXXESS solution gives a sales boost to system integrators because they can now offer users a convenient, simple way to fully manage access at no additional cost.

Short- or long-range access? No problem

Integrators can tap into FEIG advanced technology for applications that open electronic gates and barriers. Users access short-range applications with chip cards or key fobs. The user presents credentials a few inches from the reader and the system responds. Transponders for long-range identification can be located on the windshield, rearview mirror headlight of a vehicle. Long-range RFID readers from FEIG are fast, so authorized users pass through the gate as quickly as the gate allows, without waiting extra time for the reader to grant access. Tags are non-proprietary, so customers can purchase inexpensive tags and brand for their business.

If an integrator has a small or medium-sized project, access control installation needs to be as simple and resource-efficient as possible. myAXXESS is a fully compatible system that can be integrated in a very short time at minimal cost, and it is scalable. The readers and transponders work reliably and can be operated intuitively, reducing the amount of support time integrators need to dedicate to the customer. For particularly sensitive environments, FEIG offers maximum security and control with chip card technologies such as Mifare DESFire and UCODE DNA from NXP.

24/7 data collection and robust support

Integrators have a particularly powerful selling point with PoE and offline management available exclusively from FEIG. PoE and offline  management enable data collection even if the power goes down. This adds a substantial level of reliability to data collection. Integrators can be confident installing FEIG systems because expert tech support and marketing materials are readily available.

myAXXESS adapts easily for customer requirements

The customer’s entire access system can be centrally controlled using FEIG’s myAXXESS Manager software to manage authorizations, readers and transponders. This makes the myAXXESS approach to access control simple, intuitive and efficient. Customers can easily and quickly add, update or create user groups. The system offers simple solutions for public holidays and other special rules and events that can be stored in the system along with individual authorizations.

“With myAXXESS, FEIG offers system integrators a perfectly coordinated overall package including RFID readers, transponders and software. Now integrators can offer their customers smooth and highly reliable access to their properties. To meet FEIG‘s high performance and quality standards, the entire conception, programming and production of FEIG systems takes place exclusively in Germany,“ says Manuel Haertlé, Senior Product Manager, FEIG ELECTRONIC.

FEIG specialists will be available in stand #16141 at the International Security Conference & Exposition, ISC West, held July 19-21 at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. We’ll discuss with system integrators how myAXXESS and FEIG access systems increase profitability and provide secure, convenient and reliable access systems for customers.