FEIG RFID Readers Conforming To Zhaga Book 24 Standards Enable Simple NFC Led Driver Programming


RFID readers from FEIG that comply with Zhaga book 24 make NFC LED driver programming easier. These readers offer new opportunities in LED driver programming for luminaires and in production of LED drivers and luminaires.

NFC programming is faster than traditional LED driver programming, is more feature-rich and flexible than resistor-setting or wire strap techniques and requires less training for production-line staff.

The application software from the LED driver manufacturer enables you to define the optimal driver configuration for every luminaire and application. These parameters can be written or read using the reader in the LED driver with no need to power up.

FEIG NFC Readers for Lighting Applications

FEIG currently offers three qualified NFC readers that are listed in the Zhaga Book 24 standards.

Depending on the workplace layout and the optimal workflow, customers can choose between stationary readers with an integrated antenna (ID CPR30-USB) or external antenna (ID MR102-USB) or flexible handheld readers (ID PRH101-USB).

Long Range Readers for Bulk Programming Processes

FEIG also offers powerful HF Long Range Readers that enable simultaneous, multiple-driver programming for packaging. Combining a long-range reader like ID LR1002 and long-range antennas like ID ANT310/310 is a typical setup to handle packaging units of LED drivers.

Bulk programming, and drivers that remain in their packaging, speed up the programming process enormously.

FEIG Offers RFID Readers for Any Application in the Lighting Industry

FEIG offers several RFID readers for the lighting industry. Customers in any workplace can choose between NFC “one-by-one“ LED driver programming for small devices and powerful long-range applications for bulk NFC LED driver programming.

The FEIG ELECTRONIC product line includes mobile RFID and barcode scanners and a huge portfolio of stationary HF and UHF readers for supply chain logistical processes.