FEIG Showcases Its cVEND Transit Ticketing Payment Solutions at the APTA CONFERENCE & EXPO

Automatic Vehicle Identification


cVEND payment terminals from FEIG are installed world-wide in ticket vending machines, turnstiles, fareboxes, validators, and more.

FEIG ELECTRONIC, a German payment terminal solution provider, will feature its cVEND payment terminal systems at the APTA TRANSform Conference & EXPO, November 8-10 in Orlando, Florida. FEIG’s market-leading transit payment systems have been installed globally for years, and now as APTA members, FEIG is showcasing the latest in their payment solutions for the U.S. transit market.

“FEIG specializes in self-service payment terminals to simplify and accelerate payment processes,” says Eric W. Pitts, Senior Manager, Payment at FEIG ELECTRONIC. “The cVEND series ensures secure payment transactions in validators and onboard solutions for buses and trains just as effectively as for ticket vending machines and access gates and systems.”

FEIG will be demonstrating their innovative cVEND platform, which enables secure transit payment transactions for open-loop credit/debit cards and closed-loop public transport ticketing systems. cVEND is capable of simultaneously reading customer cards and/or e-tickets as quickly as it reads payment cards. This built-in flexibility means that cards process quickly and reliably for the best customer experience.

With the cVEND series, FEIG offers a family of best-in-class payment terminals that differ in design and interfaces, but are based on a uniform, newly-developed platform according to the latest PCI and EMVCo security and certification standards. A uniform payment OS based on a specially hardened secure Linux operating system ensures standardized software interfaces, payment kernels and software development kits (SDKs). FEIG cVEND payment terminals include:  cVEND plug, cVEND box, cVEND box+, and the cVEND PIN. All cVEND products are available globally in various form-factors and configurations.  

FEIG cVEND terminals are already  being used for many transit ticketing solutions worldwide, and are the first choice for payment solution applications in public transportation such as:

  • Farebox OnBoard Unit (OBU) – cVEND terminals read e-tickets or check passengers in via contactless Pay-As-You-Go. They are simple to implement, so a transit operator can install them in the location most convenient for customers.
  • Validators – cVEND plug modules are the devices that read e-tickets or contactless credit/debit cards from all global schemes. They are small, showing only the contactless symbol outside the scanner.
  • Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) – cVEND terminals can be integrated into ticket vending machines. The cVEND PIN offers a PIN pad and an optional Secure Hybrid Card Reader (i.e., chip/magstripe).
  • Turnstiles and gates – cVEND’s robust housing and fast contactless payment processing speed makes it perfect for turnstiles and gates, offering fast throughput even at peak times.
  • Transparent Channel Application (TCA) – Utilizing the cVEND TCA, Public Transport Operators (PTOs) can communicate with their closed-loop cards using their own application that operates independently from the payment application in a dedicated application slot. PTOs can directly implement this solution, improving overall efficiency.
  • Tokenization – Tokenization protects sensitive data by generating a token to act as the identifier during a transit transaction. The operator then uses the token to bill the card via an ABT backend system. The transaction record is also encrypted, changing algorithms for each transaction.

FEIG is a proud member of APTA. Visit FEIG in booth #681 at the APTA EXPO, November 8-10, 2021, in Orlando, Florida.