Combined with NFC readers ID ECCO Smart from FEIG ELECTRONIC, OSRAM’s Tuner4TRONIC software makes it really easy to set luminaire parameters



The mobile NFC readers ID ECCO Smart HF-BLE and ID ECCO Smart 2D-HF-BLE are the first on the market to enable LED driver programming in accordance with Zhaga Book 25.

This new industry standard, to which OSRAM and FEIG have contributed, defines reliable and standardized interfaces for programming via Bluetooth and NFC, opening up entirely new options for the “field” programming of both indoor and outdoor LED luminaires. The two companies are thus the first in the market to deploy this standard in their products.

Via an NFC interface, LED drivers can be parameterized faster and with many more functions than would have ever been possible with conventional technologies. In addition to wired technologies via DALI or 1-10V interfaces, NFC programming has strongly gained in importance in the last few years. NFC technology enables LED driver programming entirely without cables – as part of the luminaire production or maintains workflow. OSRAM and FEIG are sharing their expertise in order to optimize and expand this cost-efficient and reliable feature. To meet the requirements of today’s lighting industry, OSRAM offers its comprehensive Tuner4TRONIC software for programming LED drivers, whereas FEIG has developed two new High Power NFC readers with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface.
“By integrating the wired ID ECCO Smart NFC reader into the Tuner4TRONIC software, we unlock new manufacturing and maintenance applications for our customers”, emphasizes Arwed Storm, Product Manager for Tuner4TRONIC at OSRAM. “Especially when it comes to outdoor lighting, driver programming provides huge savings potential in terms of on-site service.”
The compact, wired ID ECCO Smart NFC reader is just about ideal for LED drivers in already installed luminaires. Freely configurable keys, along with the integrated QR code reader in the ID ECCO Smart 2D-HF-BLE, make future Tuner4TRONIC evolutions possible.

In addition to a powerful NFC Booster, the ID ECCO Smart HF-BLE comes with both a front and a ground antenna covering different ranges. Transponders with different orientations can thus also be detected in critical environments such as a metal housing luminaire.

And thanks to the double-wall ABS plastic housing with protective rubber coating, the robust ID ECCO Smart reader can even survive a fall onto a concrete surface from up to 1.6 meters entirely unscathed. Simply ideal for working smoothly in both indoor and outdoor areas.