How to determine what my RFID needs are?

Access Control

VP of Technical Sales at Feig Electronics, Klaus Shoeke, joins host Justin Starbird for Episode 2 of the Identify Podcast. On todays episode, Klause walks through the best ways of identifying what technology meets your customer request.

On Episode 2, Klaus shares some of the questions he asks customers before they get started. “The important part is really that the potential customer has a very clear picture of what they are trying to do and what they are trying to accomplish with their application installation.
What kind of items do they want to track or to tag with RFID?

What kind of data are they looking to move around and what is the environment where they want to use this technology?

Where are the read points, or even the right points? Some applications are reading only information from the attack and other applications are using the memories of the tag to alter data on the tag for lifetime tracking, for information, for service records, etc.”

Listen as Klaus and Justin take a deep dive into the best questions to ask before you get started with an RFID project.