Who is Feig Electronics?

Feig Electronics

Debbie Greenway, Executive Vice President at Feig Electronics joins host Justin Starbird on the latest episode of the Identify Podcast.

Who is Feig?

Debbie dug right in and shared that, “Feig Electronics is a German company based in a little town about an hour from the Frankfurt Airport. We design and manufacture RFID equipment, payment terminals. We also have a sensor group and a controller group, all done in our facilities.”

After previously being the semiconductor space, Debbie joined Feig looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to feel like she was making a difference each day.

She shared that many friends and colleagues have asked her what it was like to make a change and to start working for a company based outside of the US… she responds each time with overwhelming positivity and excitement about helping solve customers concerns with quality solutions.

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